The fantastical wonderment that sparks a childlike spirit of limitlessness. For uninhibited artistic exploration is the spark. As an abstract thinker I deconstruct and idea, looking past the obvious, then construct. Thematically, I explore a realm between fantasy and reality. I focus on the coalescence of the individual spirit and the idea of global oneness. To me my sculptures look like they could have lived or grown somewhere wild; emerging with a sort of chaotic grace from their surroundings. My music captures a vastness that evokes barren landscapes and dazzling sunset-silhoutted mountain ranges. No mater the medium; steel, film, pen and paper, music... my goal is to express utmost skill and genuinity for the sake of love for th process as well as a personal cultural obligation. The independent arts must be fostered for generations to come. It is essential that as human beings we create value in more than mere material and currency.
​-Francesco Echo